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Introducing Archaeology

Introducing Archaeology continues to be a lively and approachable textbook for introductory-level students. Covering traditional elements of archaeology, including methods and prehistory, the new edition also opens up greater conversations about the current state of archaeology, discussing issues of representation, inclusion, and diversity in the field. The authors highlight recent developments in digital and public archaeology, as well as the social and political contexts of doing archaeological fieldwork. A new prologue challenges common misconceptions about archaeology portrayed by mainstream media. The result is a book that encourages students to critically examine the present by investigating the archaeological past. The new edition features over 50 full-color images and is accompanied by updated instructor materials and student resources.

For those who wish to supplement the text with a reader, Reading Archaeology: An Introduction is a good fit. Many of the key resources and suggested readings mentioned in Introducing Archaeology are included in the reader.

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